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Brand Protection

Brand Protection:

Miguel Falcon is a registerd trademark.

The only way to experience and appreciate Miguel Falcon is by purchasing our products, which you can do so by the one and only online store: , any other website that sounds or is similar to ours is not supported by Miguel Falcon Company unless it is stated on our “links to third parties page”

Miguel Falcon puts all its passion, efforts and thoughts into our designs and productivity to achieve the highest quality apparel. However, we are sure that there will be counterfeiters who will be making cheap knockoffs that are often mistaken for the real Miguel Falcon apparels. The only way to be sure you’re buying genuine Miguel Falcon apparels is to visit our one and only website:

If you believe you have come across or bought a counterfeit Miguel Falcon, or if you see any Goods with our logo somewhere other than our website or one of our stores, let us know. You can email us at: your help will be much appreciated.